Demi Lovato - Dancing With The Devil

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Listen to “Dancing With The Devil”:​​
'Dancing With The Devil... The Art Of Starting Over' out now:​​
Watch the Demi Lovato: Dancing With The Devil documentary:
A true story by Demi Lovato
Directed by Demi Lovato & Michael D. Ratner
Produced by OBB Pictures & SB Films
If you or someone you know is in need of support, it’s OK to ask for help.
If you are struggling with addiction, call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit
If you have experienced sexual assault, call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
Need someone to talk to? Reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741; UK: Text SHOUT to 85258; Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
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Music video by Demi Lovato performing Dancing With The Devil. © 2021 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

mikahrae 40 minuter sedan
listening on repeat to cry the pain out 💙
saduk neshi
saduk neshi 41 minut sedan
We love u demi and we will support u, love u so much 💖
Cassy Mcquade
Cassy Mcquade 44 minuter sedan
This song was the moment I decided to get sober
JB 2000
JB 2000 55 minuter sedan
Same exact story as you Demi. Good song and it helps many addicts who are struggling or who are in recovery ..
natalie lowenstein
natalie lowenstein 57 minuter sedan
Pretty incredible; not many words needed. She said them in a way that is very honest and hard.but you can’t be more black and white like she has said. Hope for those, pray for those and remember all. Thank you
mikahrae Timme sedan
damn... i never leave comments but this song hit so close to home at the moment. seeing her in the hospital bed reminded me of when i was there too. Demi is a wonderful, beautiful person. Im so grateful for this song putting my emotions into words. I pray she stays strong as well as everyone else struggling with any sort of addiction. There's help, & it's okay to get it.
Brooke Scheumann
Brooke Scheumann Timme sedan
Her second verse about her drug addiction really got me. I was a meth addict for 4 months. Lost EVERYTHING. My house, my car, my friends, and most importantly, my daughter. I lost custody. I'm now 18 weeks clean and I'm really feeling that verse. Like she says in her song Sober, "sometimes I just wanna cave in I dont wanna fight." Which is a big reality in most addicts lives. I've had those thoughts about meth "it's just a little white line I'll be fine. But soon that little white line is a little glass pipe." I fucking feel it.
Morella Továr
Morella Továr Timme sedan
Nicole Peanut G
Nicole Peanut G Timme sedan
I wonder how they did the news thingy..? 1:27
Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies Timme sedan
It's not often that pop stars write songs and sing about they're addiction so I respect her a lot for that and I hope this encourages addicts out there to go and get the help they need before its too late, so good one Demi 💓
Allana Barkokébas
Allana Barkokébas Timme sedan
I already see this music coming up into a serie!
Shana Fenske
Shana Fenske Timme sedan
I was dancing with the devil for 5 years now I have 6 yrs clean she is so strong go Demi!!
Skye Klassic
Skye Klassic Timme sedan
You're so brave to tell your story and show the world what a fighter you are!! And also helping people to talk about these topics.... I know it helpt me to start a conversation with my counselor and show what I mean.. what happens in my head..I loved you for being you! Hang in there and never change who you are inside
Dream Team
Dream Team 2 timmar sedan
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 2 timmar sedan
She is singing about her own past and the power she hold, she is so amazing and strong.
Miaca Poliquit
Miaca Poliquit 2 timmar sedan
Kaleb Guzman
Kaleb Guzman 2 timmar sedan
Demi just live life hah
Jhozette Ann Official
Jhozette Ann Official 2 timmar sedan
N. Fildza
N. Fildza 2 timmar sedan
I'm so speechless. Demi, thank you for being exist, you are the power of my life.
Susmita Rabha
Susmita Rabha 2 timmar sedan
Love you
Brianna Camacho
Brianna Camacho 2 timmar sedan
I love you so much Demi!! You are an inspiration stay strong girl you got this!!❤️❤️
Josh Swadkins
Josh Swadkins 3 timmar sedan
Amy Winehouse vibes
Nell . gammer
Nell . gammer 3 timmar sedan
This is the best song of 2021
Rebecca Calver
Rebecca Calver 3 timmar sedan
Why do people blame the devil for bad things that happen because of their own actions?
Gabriela Rib
Gabriela Rib 3 timmar sedan
I love omggdd 😭💜💜
Danielle Agbozo
Danielle Agbozo 3 timmar sedan
i love how she was completely honest with the public in the documentary & the art of showing what actually happened after she overdosed. Demi is truly a survivor❤️❤️!!
Sweet P
Sweet P 3 timmar sedan
💕 hopeless insanity 💕 needed this rn... Much love demi 💙
Adolphe Sax
Adolphe Sax 3 timmar sedan
This is the most honest video, I've seen! Take care, Demi 💗
Trịnh Thị Thuỳ Linh
Trịnh Thị Thuỳ Linh 3 timmar sedan
Carl Official
Carl Official 3 timmar sedan
That like hurt me inside or something
Holly Campbell
Holly Campbell 4 timmar sedan
This video is so relatable for me, so glad demi had the courage to tell her story over music ♥️♥️♥️🤭
Rona Mae Regalado
Rona Mae Regalado 4 timmar sedan
Love you Demi!!! 💖💖💖💖💖
Sa fa
Sa fa 4 timmar sedan
Its a message... About her suffering when selling herself to the devil
Mariana Nunes
Mariana Nunes 4 timmar sedan
Perfeita 🤩
JJ Joanne
JJ Joanne 4 timmar sedan
❤️❤️❤️❤️ no words are enough to describe my feelings rn
Jonathas 4 timmar sedan
Feel the same thing
thescarletwitch 4 timmar sedan
this song so underrated.
HF Fardin
HF Fardin 4 timmar sedan
Some parts reminds me Avicii's Addicted to you, but sooooo much!!!
Dayana Hobu
Dayana Hobu 4 timmar sedan
This song is AMAZING 😲😲😲😲
Davy_Jones444 4 timmar sedan
This needs to be in Lucifer
Navya Shrivastava
Navya Shrivastava 4 timmar sedan
this video is a masterpiece. the courage she must have to recreate the night she almost left us. the lyrics are painful to listen to. im so proud that she decided to speak about her experience.
Javine Whitter
Javine Whitter 4 timmar sedan
I respect artist that are real and understand the power they hold and use it wisely
WreckitRaf 5 timmar sedan
This needs a wide publicity as possible. Just get the message to as many people as we can.
isaq vieira
isaq vieira 5 timmar sedan
Yeeeeees Demi 🔥
Carys Kavanagh
Carys Kavanagh 5 timmar sedan
We will all pass away... spend eternity in Heaven with God! Choose life 🙏💛 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him." John 3:2‭, ‬16‭-‬17
Demi Selena
Demi Selena 5 timmar sedan
I love you so much queen
Anita Chaudhary
Anita Chaudhary 5 timmar sedan
This song helps me so much when I feel down and lonely ,I want overcome my all worries. 😞 Demi u are a true rockstar stay blessed and happy 😃
MIRNA B 5 timmar sedan
I love you so much queen, I love your album thanks for so much art I Love You Demi Lovato My Queen👑❤️
Charissa Jerry
Charissa Jerry 5 timmar sedan
Im pretty sure the people that dislike this videos are the drug dealers
Deniz Meral
Deniz Meral 5 timmar sedan
Asawari Lute
Asawari Lute 5 timmar sedan
Now that I m even more in love with her ♀ She is just an insanely incredible human being. I'm beyond pleased she survived. I haven't seen anyone stronger like her. simply complicated & the whole album is a masterwork. Love & respect @demilovato
MrWeasel709 5 timmar sedan
I'm not a huge fan of her but 1:30 in and I'm hooked
briana Gutierrez
briana Gutierrez 6 timmar sedan
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 6 timmar sedan
Te amamos
Jonathas 4 timmar sedan
Igor Pereira
Igor Pereira 6 timmar sedan
Dee P
Dee P 6 timmar sedan
As a former Alcohol & Drug Counselor, I applaud Demi for putting herself out here, and letting the world know that addicts; are some of the MOST beautiful and vulnerable people who just need love nit judgement! It's a Family Affair.
Kierra Gronenthal
Kierra Gronenthal 6 timmar sedan
SOOO much emotion in just one video, such a strong message ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!
Kierra Gronenthal
Kierra Gronenthal 6 timmar sedan
This sent chills up my spine, absolutely amazing, and hands down my all-time favorite artist, All my Prayers are going to you, Demi!! The song Sober, and this one hits home for me all the time. My heart hurts for her! XOXO
Michaela Branagan
Michaela Branagan 6 timmar sedan
This reminds me so much of my best friend who died of a heroin overdose it’s 435 am I’m listening to it because I had another dream about her. It’s been so many years
lovinq mochxii
lovinq mochxii 7 timmar sedan
How does this have 15M views ??!!
Dalton Buck
Dalton Buck 7 timmar sedan
Good song just like a half of people in the world gets an overdose a lot of people go through the pane
יהודית אופק
יהודית אופק 7 timmar sedan
Demi we loveee you so much❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali 7 timmar sedan
The devil is going back up. Why did you attack him. Look what I did.. I have 50 cent.
Joshua Berriors
Joshua Berriors 7 timmar sedan
Night Sky
Night Sky 7 timmar sedan
the fact that many artist make a connection to the devil this recent year should really tell you sth about society neither artist is talking about worshiping a creature that is bad for a certain religion, they are using it a métaphore in some way some people should learn to not take words in songs literally, they're are art in the some way poems are
Tiffany 7 timmar sedan
YES YES YESSSSS!!!!!! screaming from a true addict herself this song HITS THAT SPOT ooooofffff
meshack moturi
meshack moturi 7 timmar sedan
'I told you I was OKAY but I was LYING...twisted reality.' Don't we say this often? Sad but true.
Clémentine Chtd
Clémentine Chtd 7 timmar sedan
Thank you for sharing your story. I can relate so much, you make me feel less lonely.
Celeste Burton
Celeste Burton 7 timmar sedan
Everyone who fucking hated on her and said rude shit I know you're gonna get what's coming
SimGio 7 timmar sedan
Demi, are you trying to say something to us? Kesha has the same song title and look what whappened...
Dana Goren
Dana Goren 8 timmar sedan
You’re perfect.🤍🤍🤍🤍
Mylena Reis
Mylena Reis 8 timmar sedan
Controle mental explícito 🤡
Gina Vallefuoco
Gina Vallefuoco 8 timmar sedan
I hope I dont wake up one day and know she actually reached heaven. Her songs have always been one of the few that actually helped me through hard times, made me believe "i am a warrior, i've got thick skin". You should believe that too, Demi.
دایانا بختیاری
دایانا بختیاری 8 timmar sedan
im proud of her
Seyma Kozan
Seyma Kozan 8 timmar sedan
I’m bawling my eyes out
loza abiy
loza abiy 8 timmar sedan
Yea girl
Mila Glenda
Mila Glenda 9 timmar sedan
Your song means a lot to me.. Thank you for staying strong and portraying the unseen side of life.❤
فينوس ميوزك Venus Music
فينوس ميوزك Venus Music 9 timmar sedan
Very beautiful and very cool
aroha mendes
aroha mendes 9 timmar sedan
idk if its my period but i rly cried hearing this song and seeing the vid :(
TheIgisas 9 timmar sedan
As a long time fan... I'm speechless... Wow... 😭😭😭
Carmen Emerson
Carmen Emerson 9 timmar sedan
She just gave me LIFE! I admire her honesty, she makes it easier for me to deal with my own demons. Thanks sista girl...❤️❤️
Nizziana Qayla
Nizziana Qayla 9 timmar sedan
Love you demi!
Paty Suzan
Paty Suzan 9 timmar sedan
Uau, eu só consegui chora o clipe inteiro que musica, que mulher 😭 força Demy ❤️
Genghis Khan Auction
Genghis Khan Auction 9 timmar sedan
I skip the commercial after 3 seconds to see the music video, now I think I should’ve stayed on the commercial
VOLT Electrical Contractor
VOLT Electrical Contractor 9 timmar sedan
Everything happens for a reason 😌 something good will come out of this cuz we have faith 🙏
nareen habibi
nareen habibi 9 timmar sedan
in love with this song + im extremely sorry for anyone who had to go through any of the things mentioned in the song + video
Laiane Mattos
Laiane Mattos 10 timmar sedan
Alan Hernandez
Alan Hernandez 10 timmar sedan
She's so perfect her voise
MickieT MickieDo 'EM ALL
MickieT MickieDo 'EM ALL 10 timmar sedan
This was the most beautiful story ever told through a music video. I cold legit feel Demi's pain and everything he was saying made me realize that she is the realest most genuine artist around. i Really started crying when i saw her in that bed with the tube in her neck.
Jess 11 timmar sedan
She has been through so much. Yet trying so hard to beat it! This song is beautiful! I wish her nothing but the best. You got this Demi!💪🏻👏🏻
Trippie Acid
Trippie Acid 11 timmar sedan
Daniela Zavala
Daniela Zavala Timme sedan
You, for offending someone for no reason, wtf
Jonathas 4 timmar sedan
Shut up
Tiana Love
Tiana Love 11 timmar sedan
So so powerful
Sophie Lee
Sophie Lee 11 timmar sedan
remember when some of y'all were making fun of her addiction and joked about wishing she had died when she overdosed? yeah. absolutely disgusting and unforgivable behaviour.
maria Gonzalez
maria Gonzalez 11 timmar sedan
Siempre convirtiendo tu dolor, en arte🤗🤗, bella artista y siempre manteniéndose con fuerza por todo lo que ha pasado y ser admirable y hasta ejemplo😚❣
Amber Blackburn
Amber Blackburn 11 timmar sedan
I love her so much the strength 💪 that she has is amazing 👏 and her music is amazing
Claire Boullier
Claire Boullier 11 timmar sedan
I ask only one thing. PLEASE PUT THIS SOnG iN tHe NeXt SeAsOn Of LUCIFER
FUJICHETNIPAT 12 timmar sedan
Waiting for this kind of beautiful song for so longggggg. Love it thanks
Ale Calles Osorio
Ale Calles Osorio 12 timmar sedan
Eres grande se fuerte 😘
Rodolfo Rodrigues
Rodolfo Rodrigues 12 timmar sedan
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 12 timmar sedan
Pedro Henrique
Pedro Henrique 12 timmar sedan
Maravilhosa ❤️🤩
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